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Licensed Mental Health Professional

Job Details: Contract/part-time/full-time 


Description: Miracle Counseling (MC), an outpatient mental health clinic, offers a full/part-time opportunity for a master's level, licensed mental health professional to work as a mental health clinical provider. This position will be responsible for providing comprehensive social services that support and enhance the mental and emotional health of agency clients, prospective clients, and members of the community.


Position Type: Flexible/part-time


Compensation: Percentage over the sessions present


Type of Employment: Direct Hire



Duties include but are not limited to: 
• Providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, families, and children, including intake assessments. 
• Providing on-site counseling services at one or more schools in which Miracle Counseling operates a branch office. 
• Maintaining client confidentiality. 
• Meeting and maintaining minimum performance standards.
• Assisting clients by providing information and referrals to resources as needed.
• Recording and maintaining essential client records and statistical data in compliance with the appropriate governing body and agency. 
• Providing family life education and consultation. 
• Marketing self and the agency in the general communities. 
• Maintaining active licensure in good standing according to the Wisconsin Administrative Code.


• Hold a valid Wisconsin license from one of the following Examining Boards: Social Work (preferred), Marriage and Family        \Therapy, or Professional Counseling (LCSW, LMFT, LPC) and be in good standing with the Licensing Board,
• Be eligible to bill to different insurance after being credentialled by the insurance 
• Demonstrate an understanding of familial issues related to separation and divorce,
• Possess knowledge of diagnosis and treatment with an understanding of psycho-dynamics, group process, cognitive behavioral therapy treatment, client advocacy, and information and referral sources, 
• Have a working knowledge of the dynamics of family violence and domestic violence, as well as a willingness to work with individuals and/or families experiencing these issues,
• Be able to work independently, organize workload, and maintain the required level of productivity, 
• Possess strong public speaking and writing skills and be comfortable promoting the programs and services of the Clinic and agency. 

Candidates with prior experience and an interest in working with children and families are highly desired. Interested candidates must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, must have the ability to respect and maintain the privacy and dignity of agency clients, always assure client confidentiality, and collaborate and work effectively with clients, volunteers, agency staff, and others. Knowledge, understanding, and/or willingness to work with minority populations and multiple cultures. Qualified candidates must also successfully pass a criminal background check with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and caregiver background checks with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Children and Families, and the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Also, the candidate must have a valid driver's license and access to a vehicle with insurance. 


Benefits and other compensation:

Professional will have the flexibility of schedule, will manage own time, the Clinic will provide an interpreter as needed, billing services, friendly atmosphere, and security settings. 


Other information:

Please refer to our website for more information about the services we provide. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with questions. We would like to have a passionate individual committed to helping others and interacting with the office staff in a positive and compassionate manner. We also would like to have a strong team; for that reason, we will introduce the applicant to the rest of the staff, and possibly several meetings to interact with staff and providers will occur. Remember that for you to start helping clients, you need to be certified by insurance, and the process takes time.


Would you please apply to start working on the certification and background check process as soon as possible?


​We look forward to meeting and working with you as a team. In addition, employees are eligible for performance-based merit awards with exceptional and commendable performance ratings.

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